When having more coding experience lets you reach higher

From Yoga Studio Manager to Multimedia Specialist

"As you work with code, it slowly becomes more attainable and you might not even recognize you are getting it. Keep going, don't give up, and know that every minute you spend focusing, devoting, and paying attention will be worth it down the line."

Emily Okie is a Nucamp Bootcamp Alum and now a Multimedia Specialist at Solers Research Group.

With a little bit of coding experience in Action Script, a professional background in graphic design, and 9 years as a yoga studio manager, changing careers seemed like a stretch.

She started looking into coding bootcamps, which all seemed really expensive. Ultimately, it was Nucamp's affordability led her to choose Nucamp's Full Stack bootcamp.

The bootcamp was challenging, the languages seemed so different, but the more she persisted, the more attainable they felt. Working with a team was instrumental in her understanding as well.

She got a tip from a former colleague about a job and she applied thinking it was a shot in the dark. She was able to offer direct help to a real problem, *during the interview*, because of concepts she had learned in the Bootcamp.

Ultimately, it was the fact she had more coding experience than the rest of the applications that led the company to offer her a job the next day.

"Just because you're not the absolutely expert on any particular technology, the field is so widespread, it is absolutely attainable to get into a field that is in demand. You can do it, don't give up. Take the time, do the work."

The rubber meets the road when building a real-world project.

Project Spotlight: Tattered American Dent Removal by Barry Jalbert

Barry recently graduated with honors from our Front End Web & Mobile development bootcamp and wanted to build something for real-world application.

The avenue Barry took was to build a React website for His brother's dent removal company, Tattered American Dent Removal.

One of the things you'll learn in the Front End Web & Mobile Development bootcamp is how to create interesting and engaging websites and interfaces that are built with modern web technologies.

See what Barry made by watching his 5-minute video or reading about his project.